Thai Coconut Bowl 'Flowers'


These beautifully handcrafted bowls are made from coconut shells that would have otherwise been discarded after harvesting the flesh, milk and cream.

Each one is a work of art, beautifully designed and handmade by skilled artisans in Thailand providing an income to take care of their families. The coconut shells are sanded and drilled to allow light to filter through in a variety of designs.

Used as a tea-light candle bowl, the beautiful designs will bounce dappled light around your walls! Or use as an indoor or outdoor planter, a decorative centrepiece, a place to hold your keys or jewellery – the choices are endless!

Small size approx. 13cm width x 6.5cm height

Medium size approx. 14cm width x 7.5cm height

Large size approx. 15cm width x 7.5cm height

Please note: As the size and shape of coconuts vary, your bowl is unique in its shape and design and may vary slightly from photos shown.  

Your purchase provides an important, sustainable source of income for small family-run home businesses in Thailand as well as supporting the work of Orphans Aid.