We're a store that changes a story

Our Orphans Aid Approved standard ensures each purchase empowers and provides.

Ethically sourced basket, one of Orphans Aid Approved for lasting change products
We’ve carefully developed five areas which our ‘Orphans Aid Approved’ goods will fall into. This ensures items we sell meet our standard, and you can be assured your purchase is making a real and long-lasting difference.
Orphans Aid Approved five core area symbols
Buying ‘Orphans Aid Approved’ means products meet at least one of these criteria:
  1. Sourced exclusively for Orphans Aid by our overseas project partners. (E.g. Handcrafted jewellery from Uganda)
  2. Is a Fair Trade certified item. (E.g. Our very own locally roasted Imuka coffee)
  3. Is a 100% fundraiser for Orphans Aid, donated to assist our work. 
  4. Ethically sourced. Helps women and children leave a life of slavery. (E.g. Stunning recycled Sari quilts from Bangladesh.)
  5. Provides income to disadvantaged individuals or communities, empowering them to care for their own families while preserving the rich heritage of traditional skills and crafts. (E.g. Handwoven baskets from Bangladesh)
"Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” – Anna Lappe 
Our commitment to valuing the people behind our products is reflected in our Orphans Aid Approved standard, so you can be confident about the way you’re spending your money.

Join us, and let the story of the items in your home, the gifts you give and jewellery you wear, help tell the story of someone else’s life being changed.

"You can’t help but win by purchasing from Orphans Aid Online. The items are fresh, hand-picked, ethically sourced, unique and will be enjoyed by those on the receiving end and those at the other end who supply. Every cent we make gets poured back to our work of caring for the orphaned and abandoned. That really excites me!”
– Sue van Schreven, Founder, Orphans Aid International