African Animal - Blue Elephant

African Animal - Blue Elephant

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These gorgeous handmade animals are sourced near our Imuka project in Uganda. Imuka means 'rise up' and when you purchase our recycled paper bead jewellery and animals you help women in Uganda support their families and rise up. Each woman puts a lot of love into every item she makes, and you will often find a small group of women sitting and working together on woven mats under the shade of a tree, hand-rolling paper beads or stuffing fabric animals, chatting about life and laughing while watching their children play.

Each animal is handmade using different fabrics, making each one unique and special. Who wouldn't love one of these to brighten up their lives, all the while knowing that each purchase is supporting communities in Africa? 

Measurement: W 17cm H 13cm

Not suitable for children under the age of 3.