Coffee Dispatch Subscription


Freshly roasted, boutique Ugandan Direct-Trade coffee delivered straight to your door!

  • Choose between 200g, 500g or 1kg – whole beans or your choice of grind
  • Monthly or twice monthly delivery (dispatched either the first or third Wednesday of the month)
  • Subscription includes a beautifully packaged box of freshly roasted coffee, exclusive stories from the field and access to competitions, special offers and other goodies from time to time
  • Control your own subscription; change grind, skip or put on hold anytime as needed

Prices include NZ wide shipping, Coffee Dispatch can only be shipped to a New Zealand address.

Please note this is for an ongoing subscription. If you would like a one-off purchase, please visit our Imuka Coffee page. Alternatively, we have 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions available.

Once you’ve made your first payment on our website, we’ll contact you to discuss your choice of grind or whole beans and your ongoing preferred payment method. You can cancel your subscription at any time – simply contact us.

 Grown in Uganda, small batch roasted in New Zealand

Grown in the rich red, volcanic soils of the slopes of Mt Elgon, Eastern Uganda, the potential for quality coffee was evident but sadly often lost, due to the exploitation of producers. This was the inspiration behind the formation of the Elgon Coffee General Association - a cooperative led by Annett, that comprises roughly 120 coffee growers, many of whom are women. These growers have undergone training in every aspect of the coffee-making process, from organic farming to picking, pulping, and drying the beans. The result is world-class, specialty-grade, single origin coffee for the world market, produced by those deeply committed to providing you with the best possible 100% Arabica specialty grade Ugandan coffee. 

When Orphans Aid purchases green beans, it feeds support back into community transformation initiatives where the coffee is grown - such as education and social and economic empowerment. In addition, after small-batch roasting in New Zealand, all profits from Imuka coffee are poured back into our family strengthening programme in Uganda. You really can drink coffee for lasting change!

Want to know more? Visit the Coffee Dispatch page or email us