Kiwis in Need


A random act of kindness to our Kiwi neighbours in need.
Even in our own beautiful country, our security is never guaranteed. Orphans Aid emergency response quickly mobilising support via our large supporter database and networks, to respond to unforeseen events.
This gifts card provides a random act of kindness and a helping hand to New Zealanders dealing with tragic events and drastically disrupted lives.

So how does it work?

1. Choose your gift.
2. We send your gift card(s) showing the gift(s) via email or post – you choose!
3. You personalise your card and give it to your recipient. Your gift keeps on giving and will help real people in real need wherever you choose.

All Gift Cards will receive a Donation Receipt. Posted versions come with a card and envelope. For overseas orders please select the email version to reduce our postage costs.

Free shipping in NZ!