Charity Tea - Refresh
Charity Tea - Refresh

Charity Tea - Refresh

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Refresh - Green Tea with Lemon

Ingredients: Organic green tea, lemon verbena, lemongrass, lemon peel and ginger (Organically grown in New Zealand.)

Instructions: Add 1-2 pinches (in a strainer) to a cup of boiling water and brew for 5 mins, then enjoy.

Each container is 12-20 servings (depending on your strength preference).

We are proud to support Charity Tea!

What makes it Unique?

The loose-leaf Charity Tea has been lovingly handpicked with health and sustainability in mind. The tea is imported from India or Egypt and is externally tested and certified organic (and fair traded); or is organically grown (non-certified) in New Zealand. The tea has been blended by herbal experts to provide the greatest health benefits, and is then packed with love in recyclable packaging.