Baby Boy's Assorted Clothing Mystery Banana Box

Baby Boy's Assorted Clothing Mystery Banana Box

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(may also include some baby gear, toys, books etc.)

Orphans Aid Opshop carefully select a range of high-quality pre-loved items fitting the mystery banana box you have selected!

You pay online, get excited and wait for your delivery! It's the feel-good of the op shop buzz from home, knowing your purchase has made a difference.

FREE Delivery in NZ – freight already included in purchase price. Available for purchase online with delivery only (no pickups).


  • Pass on extra items you don’t need to someone you think may need them. Share the LOVE!

  • Gift a mystery box to someone in need either anonymously or we can attach a card with a message stating who has sent the gift.

  • We’ve made it extra easy it doesn’t matter where you live – the freight is already included in the price that you pay!

The fine print:

We’ll do our best to make sure the items are high-quality. They are of course pre-loved so we can’t guarantee they are perfect, but we won’t include ripped or stained items. The boxes are not refundable and neither can we swap items for other gear or exchange the box – even if you live close to one of our shops. It’s all part of the mystery! It’s a bit like a large lucky dip! We are sure you’ll love the value of our Mystery boxes!

Thanks for op shopping online with us and for supporting our very important fundraising efforts in this way.